Monday Motivation 22: Dealing with adversity

You’ve made a list of goals, one month, six month, one year, five year goals, everything is going great and then BOOM you get kneecapped by a shadowy figure and your plans all fall apart. Well…you can roll around and scream “why me” or you can get up and knock the dust off and make a new plan and get back to work!

Mike Tyson’s famous quote “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” is so true for everything we do in life! You were saving money for some new shoes and you run over a nail on the way to work and need a new tire. You prepped all your meals for the week and rushed out the door in the morning leaving your meals for the day sitting on the counter. Your job is moving you to Phoenix Arizona for six months. Shit happens…life happens.

Life isn’t fair, we are often thrown some serious curve balls or are just straight kneecapped. And on top of life just throwing you crazy situations overlfowing with adversity, there are a lot of negative people out there in the world and they will throw you down and climb over you to climb to the top, and they will kick you in the teeth while you’re down. We can only do our best to avoid disaster and avoid negative hurtful spiteful greedy people. Do your best and you still might catch some bad luck once in awhile.

Well what the fuck do we do about it?! Getting up after you’ve fallen down is always easier said than down. Take a body shot and an uppercut from Mike Tyson and you’re going down with no chances of getting up, recovering both mentally and physically will take weeks. This happens to even the most prepared fighters!

No matter what, no matter how hard you fall, the “never surrender – never die” attitude needs to be screaming at you from inside! Pull up your big girl/boy pants and get shit done! It’s the only way! Shake the dust off, make a new plan, and get back to work!


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