Monday Motivation 137 – Throw stones! Make waves!

This week’s episode of Monday Motivation we are talking about how I influence all of you through my hard work and dedication and how that is me throwing a stone that makes ripples that end up becoming waves. I am not a gifted lifter, really, I am not that strong, and I do not have perfect technique on most lifts, but, I work my ass off, that is how I have gotten better. I show up every day, and I put in work. This is the little pebble that I throw into the lake, it makes ripples, and you follow my example of hard work and dedication, and your work is your little pebble that you throw, and together we spread this message of hard work and dedication, and those ripples become waves. We are all connected. We influence each other and our family and our friends, and they get motivated and inspired, and then they start putting in work. And through the power of social media giving us a bigger voice, it gives our little ripples some extra wind and those ripples become waves!

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