Monday Motivation 136 – Corona can’t keep us down!

On this week’s Monday Motivation we are talking about this crazy world we live in right now, with COVID and this crazy election, mass unemployment, and a lot of people in need and suffering, we have to stay strong and stay positive and we have to stay dedicated to our health. Your mental health is tied to your physical health, maintaining a workout schedule is more beneficial to your mental health than you could possibly realize. I get messages all the time every week from people telling me how sad or depressed they are that they can’t come in to the gym, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much this upsets me. I need all of you to spend this time at home working on yourself, I need you all to focus on yourself and self improvement and self love and self respect. I have said this many times, if one of your goals and your passions is taking care of others, your family or strangers, you need to maintain your physical and mental health in order to help care for those people. Don’t fall into the pit of self doubt or pity!!!

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