Monday Motivation 134 – Know Your Value

This Monday Motivation is for all the trainers and coaches out there! A lot of our videos span from lifter to coach to business owner and to our normal everyday clients and at home workout enthusiasts, but sometimes we make videos just for one of those groups, this is one of those videos.

Lately I have had a bit of an increase in my confidence as a coach, while I have been coaching for over a decade, I have gone through bouts of working with other coaches and thinking how much more knowledge or experience they have and this thought of really doubting myself. It happens to the best coaches. I have also had some dealings with coaches over the past year or two where I have realized just how vast my knowledge and experience is, which is a huge confidence booster as a coach. I have also coached so many people the past handful of years that have been truly dedicated to our program, whether it’s powerlifting or kettlebell or endurance programs or just our overall strength and conditioning program, and I have seen them achieve such great success that just proves our programs work.

This week’s Monday Motivation is for all the coaches and trainers and leaders out there, to make sure you are not undervaluing yourself or doubting yourself too much! If you’ve been doing this for years, and you have clients who have seen success with your program, don’t let others cut you down and don’t cut yourself down!

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