Monday Motivation 133 – Pushing the Rock…

Not THE Rock…pushing A rock!

No we aren’t talking about pushing the wrestler and actor up a hill, I don’t think he would be ok with that, no, we are talking about pushing a big rock, a boulder, up a mountain. Taking a quote from one of my favorite fitness and motivational personalities, Jacko Willnick, he said “getting that rock to the top of the mountain, that isn’t what my goal is, my goal is pushing the rock, because pushing the rock…that pushes me. If I ever got the rock to the top of the mountain and it stayed there, I’d just push it back down myself!”

In this life, without pushing the rock, you have no journey, you have no story, you have no experience, you have no struggle, and this is why so many people lack self respect and respect from others, because they never pushed the rock, or they got other people to push it for them and then they took a picture next to it up at the top! It isn’t just about the accomplishments, the picture on the top of the mountain, it’s about how long you spent pushing that rock and how hard it was and all the obstacles you overcame and the blood sweat and tears that poured out of you while pushing that rock.

Don’t try to skip that struggle, embrace the suck, enjoy the grind!

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