Monday Motivation 132 – It’s NEVER too late!

We have trained so many people over 40, over 50, and now several over 60. We have trained people in all these age brackets for everything from general fitness to kettlebell to powerlifting and yes even Olympic lifting! It is NEVER too late to get started. While mobility and recovery will be more difficult as we get older, and we need to focus on these items more every year after 40, you can still learn a new skill, you can still gain strength, and you can still get fit at any age. Lindsay competes against many lifters over 40 and even over 50. I just spoke with a woman today that is 51 and is learning Olympic lifting! And the veterans age group in kettlebell sport is packed with lifters.

With that said, I will tell you, that every year you wait to get started it does get more difficult and the gains take longer, so, don’t wait! Today is the day!

But this applies to so much more than just working out! I always try to cross these videos over into business and coaching and finance and general success, and you know this applies to pretty much every aspect of your life! One of my good friends Ben just took up painting, abstract, just letting his emotions come out on canvas, he got some lessons from another friend on how to use different paints and brushes and other tools and he is just going with it. Lindsay has gone in to learning coding and even learning another language. I am trying to learn more about Olympic lifting and I am also getting back into re-learning construction skills for building a cabin in the woods and learning about solar energy setups. Two years ago, Allen and I had to learn about the screen printing business and we are still learning two years later.

It is NEVER too late to learn something new, and it is NEVER too late to try and be healthier! Ben and I just went after a ski-erg record from another gym, competing against two guys ten years younger than us who are professional athletes. We set our minds to it, we came up with a plan, we had fun doing it, and we got it done! Don’t let your age, or your lack of experience stop you from trying something new or learning something new, or setting out on a crazy goal. Today is the day! Now get to work!

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