Monday Motivation 129 – Now more than ever…

I have taken a break from the Monday Motivaiton series for almost a month, maybe more, but I am back! It has been very tough to make these videos, I am just as busy as always, but, it has been tough to make these videos with the Covid shut down, businesses closing, people on unemployment, major issues with our government and our leadership, and now, civil unrest over the tragic loss of George Floyd at the hands of the police. We need positivity, and we need hope right now, badly. I have always said if my message and my videos reach just one person that I will keep making them, and I hope this message reaches you. We need to stand up for those who need our help, for those who need justice and who need to be treated as our equals, we need to stand up for our brothers and sisters, and that is what we are going to do. But we also need to stay strong, mentally and physically. I have said this many times, but we cannot help those who need us if we are weak or depressed. We need to take care of ourselves, our body and our mind, so we can be strong to help those who need us. I know it is tough, but we need to dig deep right now, we need to stay positive, stay hopeful, and help our brothers and sisters in need. This was a tough video to make but I am glad I made it and I hope my message reaches you! Love and respect!!!


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