Monday Motivation 11 – Being self motivated, increasing work capacity, starting TODAY!

This week we are talking about being self-motivated and getting started on your goals TODAY! I hear so many times “I am going to start this diet/workout plan next week” from people in the gym and my friends outside the gym. People are motivated, but seemingly not motivated enough to start TODAY. This week’s motivation video I talk about starting today and how you can do it. Sometimes, getting started is easier when we remove obstacles, in the case of starting a new diet, we can remove pitfalls like cookies and other sugar filled junk from our house TODAY, before you go grocery shopping on Sunday and get started on our new diet plan on Monday. You can get started on your new workout plan that you’re going to begin next week by getting a new pair of shoes TODAY. You can get started on your new training plan by getting a full night of sleep TONIGHT. Many times there are small obstacles that stop us from achieving our goals and sometimes removing those obstacles is the best first step, and a step we can take TODAY.

Also in this video I talk about workload, Mark Bell has said he has increased his workload in the gym and in business by just adding a little more each day, he says when he does more he is able to do more. Another way to put it is action begets action, or once you start moving you keep moving and you find you can keep getting more and more done. But you have to take the first step and you have to take action! TODAY!

A plan without action is just a daydream!


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