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Meal Prep – Breakfast Wrap

Check out this super easy breakfast wrap!


  • Mission Garden Spinach Wrap
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup egg white
  • hashbrown
  • green chillies
  • spices – salt – pepper

A couple of tricks to make these; one, keep your pan on low heat so your eggs don’t cook too fast and get hard, two, put a lid over the pan your eggs will cook all the way through and you won’t have to flip them. Now the trick to reheating them from frozen, unwrap them from the foil and the plastic wrap, place on a paper plate and cover with a paper towel, cook in microwave on defrost for 5:00 and then cut it in half and cover with paper towel again and cook again for 5:00 on defrost.


  • 492 calories
  • protein 26g
  • fat 18g
  • carbs 52g

Here’s the video!

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