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May Diet Challenge Winners!

Everyone who participated in the May Diet Challenge did great! Here are the top people, winners of gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods and also the random winner of a gift card to Sun-n-Sport to get a new bathing suit to show off their new body!

Bathing Suit Winner: Kelly Spears!

6AM Winner: Jon Sayer – 11.20 lbs lost = 5.18% of his body weight and 8.60% body fat lost! Great job Jon!

9AM Winner: Jade Arceneaux – 12.20 lbs. lost = 6.73% of her body weight and 4.50% body fat lost! Amazing! Jade also wins the prize for most improved with the biggest time difference from “Red Dawn” challenge workout and she was also the biggest loser of fat and weight!

7PM Winner: Michelle Youngs – 8.40 lbs lost = 4.30% of her body weight and 1.50% body fat lost! Great job Michelle!

Saturday Winner: Leo Yeppes – 6.4 lbs lost = 3.56% of his body weight and 2.40% body fat lost! Awesome job Leo!

Honorable mentions go out to: Denise T. – 7.20 lbs lost/4.00% body fat lost, Woody F. – 8.4 lbs lost/4.40% body fat lost, Alex S. – 5.8 lbs lost/4.20% body fat lost, Jeanie H. – 3.2 lbs lost/2.30% body fat lost, Sharon P. 3.6 lbs lost/3.90% body fat lost! Great work everyone!

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