MA! Where’s My PROTEIN?!

Do’s and Don’ts of Protein and A Few FAQ!

By Lindsay Seamans, edited by Doug Seamans

We have been getting tons of questions regarding protein since we’ve started carrying PlantFusion protein powder: when do I use it, do I need it, can I use it as a meal substitute? So here is Q&A time!

When should I use protein?
After weighted workouts. You need protein after you lift weights to help your muscles repair themselves. The more muscle you have, the more fat you can burn, so the more muscle you can build by lifting heavy weights and then rebuilding with protein will help you shed fat quicker. You do not need protein after you do cardio, even if it has weights in it. During cardio, you aren’t trying to build muscle, you’re trying to burn away those fat cells. After cardio, good carbs and water or a low-sugar sports drink with electrolytes (Gatorade, which we also carry) are key to help flush your system clean and replenish the carb stores you just used up, but this is not when you need protein. So, you need protein after a Boot Camp, Warrior or Kettlebell workout, but not after REDLINE or Kickboxing.

“I used to get into protein after lifting weights followed by cardio or just doing cardio. The one problem with taking protein powder after running is you put the weight you just burned off back on. And as far as calories…figure if your protein shake has 120 calories per serving then of course doing cardio 3 to 4 times a week puts on 360 to 480 calories which makes you work two to three times as hard to burn it off!!”

How much protein do I need?
1 scoop with 10-12 ounces of unsweetened almond milk, unless you can handle it with just water (Jeff). No more, no less. 1 scoop has 21 grams of protein, and it is proven that your body will not use anymore than that in 1 single serving. The rest goes to waste, quite literally – it will be expelled.

From Anytime Health:
“I was pleasantly educated by a certified nutritionist that the body can & should only consume a maximum of 25-30 synthetic/manufactured grams of protein in a “sitting”.”

Can I use PlantFusion as a meal replacement?
NO! It is simply not high enough in calories. 1 scoop has 120 calories, and add that to 10 ounces of almond milk at 50 calories, and that’s only 170 calories. I don’t know of anyone who eats that little at a meal. And if you do, you should start eating more immediately. While it cannot be used as meal replacement, you can surely add it to a snack, or replace the snack. If you are really into nutrient timing, have one as your morning snack. You can ad it to a small meal to get the total number of calories you really need.

I’m a girl, do I need to use a protein supplement/shake?
Absolutely! It will help you gain the muscle that you really want to get toned up so you can then burn more fat! And no, a protein supplement will not turn you in a she-beast. But remember, it is not the protein that builds your muscle, lifting heavy weights tears your muscles down and the protein HELPS your body to rebuild them stronger.

When do I use protein?
Within 30 minutes after your strength training workout.

From Motley Health:
“Protein after your workout. Most people are in agreement that this is the most important time to consume protein. Research has shown that protein should be consumed within 30 minutes of exercise for maximum benefit. The best way to take this protein is as a shake.”

Hope this helps everyone! If you have anymore questions or you would like to pick up some PlantFusion just stop in and talk to us!


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