We are actually upset that we have to write this article. We have tried so hard to end the myth that if women lifting heavy weights it will cause them to look like a man and we will continue to do so (even though we thought all of you “got it” by now. So we are writing this one again.

Here is the truth:

  • Women do not have the testosterone to look like a man.
  • Unless you are taking steroids or hormone replacement you will NEVER look like a man no matter how much weight you lift.
  • Fat does not burn fat, muscle burns fat. You cannot shape fat, you can shape muscle. If you want to shape your muscle (your saggy ass and droopy arms) you need to lift weights…HEAVY weights.
  • If you want a round ass you need to do squats and deadlifts and box steps and lunges…with HEAVY weights.
  • If you want nice shapely arms you need to lift weights…HEAVY weights.
  • If you want your shoulders to look good in a tank top, a bathing suit or a sexy boudoir outfit you need to lift weights…HEAVY weights.

At PRIDE Conditioning we have preached this philosophy to our clients since day one and we have proven it’s effectiveness year after year with numerous success stories. This is not a pipe-dream or something we made up, it is scientifically and clinically proven and if would like us to site articles and studies or show you real life examples of real people, professionals, amateurs, and even our very own clients who went from flab to fit by lifting heavy weights we can show you. But please ladies, stop believing in the myth that lifting heavy will make you look like a man. And even more importantly, do not spread that myth, especially in our gym and to our clients, it is false and it is bullshit. And if we catch you spreading this myth inside our gym…watch out…


And here’s the proof…ladies looking like ladies AND lifting big…






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