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Kettlebell Sport and Kids!

We are writing this little post for two reasons; one is to promote our kettlebell sport program (GS or Girevoy Sport as it is known in Russia and most of the world) and the second reason we are writing this is because we want to invite your kids to train with us! Our kettlebell sport program is open to everyone who is willing to train hard, willing to learn and be coached, and is willing to travel to fun cool places and meet fun cool people and compete with them! And yes we are opening our program up to kids! Yes kids! We are open to training kids as young as 12, and yes it is perfectly safe. We keep kids on super light weight for a long time to reinforce good technique and to prevent injury. We have many friends as coaches around the world in the UK, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and all over the USA who have been successfully training juniors to compete so we have a wealth of knowledge from those friends on how they train their younger athletes. Too many kids these days are not getting the proper amount of physical exercise, this has a very negative effect on their not just their physical strength and endurance but also their mental health! Kids who play sports do better in school because being physically active and training for a sport helps develop their brain and their neural pathways and it helps promote confidence and gives them a social setting to hang out with like minded kids. Kettlebell sport also teaches kids the important lessons of patience and of hard work paying off!

Kettlebell sport is tough, it is not for people who cannot push through a little pain, but the reward in personal gratification of achieving something you couldn’t do last year or even last month is amazing. And winning a competition against the best in the country or in the world, well that is beyond special and is a feeling you will never forget and can become quite addicted to! You have all walked into the gym at some point and witnessed Doug or Lindsay or Billy or Chris or Megan or any of our other kettlebell army soldiers grunting through the end of a tough set and ending up in a heap on the floor. Yes it is hard. Yes sometimes it is a little painful. But it is all worth it! To finish a tough set or to finish a 10 minute competition is tough but the feeling after is like crossing the finish line at the New York Marathon!

We would love to add some new people to our kettlebell sport team so if you are interested please let us know! And if you have kids who may be interested please let us know! If you are already a member then becoming part of the team is no extra cost, if you are interested in adding one of your youngsters it is just $50 extra per month (if you are not a member and reading this and you want us to train your little ones it is $75 a month). We hope some of you may consider joining the team or sending one of your mini-me’s to us! We can even accommodate kids after school and make sure they get their homework done before their workout if you would like. Space is limited for the kids, we can only accept 3-5 for now. Plenty of space for the adults so come on and join the team!

This is Rylee Reeves, 15 years old in Dublin Ireland competing at the IUKL World Championships. Rylee is the youngest female Master of Sport in the world!


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