Kettlebell Pentathlon!

Today will be our first go at the newest WKC event, the Pentathlon! This will be a great way for everyone to measure their Kettlebell lifting technique, strength and endurance. We are very excited to do this workout and we hope as many of you as possible can join the class today!

Pentathlon exercises:

  • Clean
  • Clean and Press (press, not jerk!)
  • Jerk
  • Half Snatch
  • Push Press
  • 6:00 per exercise
  • 5:00 between sets
  • unlimited hand switches
  • can use different weights for different exercises

There are a lot of rules for the pentathlon, please take a look at the picture below for a better description and how your score is calculated or go to the following website

We cannot wait to post everyone’s scores! Good luck!


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