Inspiration vs. Dedication

Written by Lindsay Seamans

Edited by Douglas Seamans


“Inspiration is unreliable. Motivation too. Only dedication works all the time.” -Pauline Nordin

This happens to be one of the best things I’ve read in a long time. The very words are inspiring to me, yet I feel like I understand what she means on a different level.

Inspiration only goes so far. It’s great for a quick burst of “Oh my god! I just saw/heard something so amazing, I MUST get into the gym NOW!” . Inspiration doesn’t last, whether it’s day-to-day or hour-by-hour. It doesn’t last. Eventually you’ll wake up, and just go, “Nope, not going into the gym, not feeling it today”. Do you know how many times I’ve NOT felt like working out? Probably at least once a week. But, I dig down deep and pull something out. If I don’t feel like doing the workout that’s on the board, I do something else, like kettlebells, because they’re quick and relatively painless and usually not as grueling as a regular workout is, unless I go through a 10:00 time trial or try to swing or lift a super heavy kettlebell, but I can usually tailor a kettlebell workout to match my not-so-stellar mood or low motivation or low energy so that I still get in a workout even though I’m really not feeling it that day.

Also, motivation doesn’t always last. Yes, you all probably have a goal in mind of an event you want to compete in or a big day or a vacation you want to look good for, like a wedding or a family reunion or a party by the pool. But what happens when you suddenly lack motivation because you’ve reached the goal or you’re not getting there quick enough? What do you do the week after you get back from your vacation or what do you do when you come back into the gym after training for a race or other competition? NO! You set a new goal for a new date! What do you do when you aren’t hitting your physique goal quick enough? Do you just quit and give up hope? I should hope not! You tweak your diet and your training to get you there on schedule! And you work your ass off and you sacrifice! You buckle down become super dedicated!

Dedication is truly different than either inspiration or motivation. Yes, you will get inspired by the people you work out with or by Doug or myself or Matt or some of our other instructors and super star clients. The same with motivation. But these two factors can NOT be the only things that help you get to the gym and workout. You have to be dedicated to yourself, your diet, and your health. There are many days when I want to a workout as half-assed as I possibly can, to just do the bare minimum, but then I remember and start thinking, “why am I here”? What is the purpose of me doing this?

I want to be bigger and stronger and faster, and want to fight all the time. And yes, I am lacking a ton of motivation right now, right this very moment. With no fight scheduled and no goal in sight, it is HARD as hell to workout with a purpose. But I grit through it. Because as much as I want to rest and not do anything, I am A) prone to downward spirals with not wanting to workout, B) get miserable when I don’t workout and C) am cheating myself and my dreams by not putting in the effort. I might be miserable before, during and after the workout, but maybe, just maybe the day after or even the next day I’ll be happy I didn’t miss that particular day’s workout.

So set a goal to test your dedication. Try and go an entire month without missing a Boot Camp or Warrior workouts. Go one month of making all three days of Boot Camp and both days of REDLINE. And you can keep that goal to yourself. Or better yet, announce it to us, to your class, or even ask us for a sheet of paper so you can keep track of how many classes you’ve attended for that month.

Don’t forget, it all comes down to how badly do you want it, and how dedicated you are to getting there! See you in the gym!


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