Iced Coffee a’ Cocoa

This Iced Coff a’ Cocoa is so easy to make and it is AMAZING! Seriously, if you love the iced coffee drinks from Starbucks or Caribou and want to save $300 a year or more by making your own then this is for you! Of course, if you just wanna try something new for the morning then you may like this as well. It is getting very hot here in Charlotte and when you wake up and it is already 80, having hot coffee just isn’t my idea of a “good morning”.

This is so good! You first get the smooth coffee taste and it finishes with an even smoother chocolate cocoa taste! Try not to drink it all on the first day! Hope you like it!

1. Go to Trader Joe’s and buy a can of Coffee a’ Cocoa

Trader Joe's Coffee a Cocoa

2. Get a one gallon pitcher that has a somewhat airtight lid on it. Unlike hot coffee that can burn when left on and tastes like crap when allowed to get cold and then needs to be re-heated or is more than a couple hours old, cold brewed coffee will keep in the fridge for over a week and taste just as good at the end of the week as it did when you first made it.

3. I like my coffee a little stronger, so I use 1 1/2 cups per gallon, you can cut this down or make it even stronger.

4. Turn your tap on full hot and fill the bottom inch or two of the pitcher before you start pouring in the coffee. I like to pour it in at the same time as the water. Be sure to leave at least a couple inches at the top.

5. A lot of the coffee will float to the top and won’t be wet, so I like to soak it with the sprayer to fill the last couple inches of the pitcher.

6. When filled it should kinda’ frothy.

7. Give it a good stirring for a minute…a whole minute, not a few seconds. Then put it in the fridge (I forgot to take a picture of this, sorry). Leave it in the fridge overnight.

8. Pull the pitcher out the next day and give it another good stir for a whole minute.

8. Now you’ll need another container that will hold a gallon, anything will do, a camping thermous, tupperware, a punch bowl, whatever. Hold your metal coffee filter over the spare container and begin pouring the unfiltered coffee through it. Due to the cocoa being so fin and kinda sludgy, it will cake up the sides of the filter, stop pouring when it gets really full.

9. When the filter gets too clogged to work effectively, take a rubber spatula and scrape down the sides of the filter, Eventually you will have to do this on every pour as it will begin to fill up with coffee and cocoa. DO NOT EMPTY IT BETWEEN POURINGS!

10. Once you are done with the filtering, empty the filter, I like to empty it outside in the garden. Then rinse out your original 1 gallon container as it will have a bunch of coffee and cocoa that didn’t get out. Now pour the filtered coffee a’ cocoa back into the clean container, be careful not to spill it, make the transfer in the sink. You will see some cocoa in the bottom of the transfer container, don’t worry about it. I do not suggest filtering it a second time as you will lose a lot of the cocoa taste. The cocoa is fine to drink but as long as the coffee grounds have been filtered out you’re good.

11. Pour yourself a glass and if you want it a little milky add some almond milk. Leave room for the ice. For sweetener I use a little bit of Truvia and a couple drops of flavored liquid stevia. I suggest adding your almond milk and sweeteners first and then stirring it and then adding your ice, it’s just easier to stir it without the ice in it.


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