How to Successfuly Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2012

Written by Lindsay Seamans

Edited by Douglas Seamans

It’s a new year, so let’s make it the most successful year for your fitness you’ve ever had! There are several factors that will help determine your success in any of our programs, and while we come up with the workouts, diet information, and help push you in class, a lot of it is still up to you. You are doing all the hard work, or rather, you NEED to be doing all the hard work, we just tell you what to do. These tips will help our former clients who still read our blog, current clients, new clients and our prospective clients, so follow along! Also, while this directed at our Boot Camp clients, this advice will is also helpful for all our clients in all our classes and to other people all over the country and the world that follow the blog.

#1: Dedication
How dedicated are you to your health? Are you looking for a quick fix, or a long term plan? Fitness and your health needs to be a long term goal. You’re not going to lose 10 pounds overnight, sometimes it’s even tough to lose 10 pounds in a month. And that’s ok. Don’t get disappointed! Instead, work harder. Come to ALL of your classes. Most of our classes are only an hour long, some are even shorter! So who cares if you’re going to miss an hour drinking with your friends/co-workers on a Friday night because you came to Boot Camp? You’re not going to miss out on your entire life or the entire night because you spent an hour working out. And when you are looking better than all your friends, are you really going to regret sacrificing that one hour working out? And if you can’t make it to your regularly scheduled class time, we do offer several classes every day. And if there’s no Boot Camp at the time you need, try out another class! Still get your workout in! No excuses this year!

#2: Diet
The most important factor of all! If you don’t want to follow our dietary advice, that’s fine. But if you don’t lose any weight, don’t get upset with us. As they say, “30% Gym, 70% Diet. Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!” We’re giving you advice on what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much, etc., because we want you to be successful, lose weight, get toned and be healthy. Along with diet goes alcohol. Yes, that dreaded topic that a lot people don’t like to talk about or roll their eyes at and tell us that we are crazy. Try cutting the number of days you drink down to one a week, and that one night of drinking, limit yourself to two drinks. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the weight will come off! Our Warrior Jenn Broome is a shining example of this, she cut back from three nights out drinking to only one night and only two drinks on that one night and she cut out fruit and fruit juice and she is straight ripped! We know not everyone can be like us and not drink, but if you’re not seeing results, try changing up your diet! Lots of veggies, lean protein, and avoid breads/grains and dairy.

#3: Determination
And the difference between determination and dedication is what, you ask? We have people who are determined to lose weight! Take Shannon P. for instance. She’s lost close to 100 pounds!!! She’s the mother of 2 girls, one in college, one finishing high school. She’s been working out with us for almost 2 years. Shannon knew it wasn’t going to be a quick, overnight change. She works crazy hours for the fire department, yet still finds time to come in and get her workout on! And guess what?! She works hard, listens to us, and eats right. She’s changed a lot in her diet to help her get results. And she’s also made the jump to the Renegade Warrior class. Shannon isn’t afraid of weights either. Shannon does pull-ups, chin-ups, deadlifts with the barbell, clean and press, kettlebell snatches, and all of the same stuff as the big guys do. And guess what else? She still looks like a woman. So, what is everyone afraid of? Pick up the damn weight! We can name a lot of other girls like Kristin Jansky, Stacia Peterson, Stacey Gray, and many others who look great, still look like woman and who are not afraid of lifting heavy weight. Lifting heavy builds muscle, more muscle burns more fat, more fat burned makes you fit into smaller jeans and look hot in a tank top! SO LIFT!

#4: Work Through It!
I’m not talking about injuries or sickness, I’m talking about WINTER! Working out in the winter SUCKS. For everyone. It’s dark and cold, and you just want to stay in bed. Me included (I’m the queen of hitting the snooze button). But do it. Get up and get moving, you’ll feel amazing the rest of the day! But since it’s winter, that means spring and summer, i.e.: bathing suit season, is right around the corner. Don’t wait until March and then go, “Oh crap, I have to wear my bathing suit in 2 months!” Get a head start now, because you’ll look even hotter with these extra months of workouts! Plus, working out in the winter will help release those feel good endorphins, which will help beat the winter time blues! So get your butt up and outta bed, and get in here! And if you are working out in the evening, we know you want to go home from working all day and just relax, but make the stop at the gym and get in that workout before you go home for the night, you’ll thank yourself the next day and you’ll certainly thank yourself when you look in the mirror in a few months.

#5: Myths
How many times do I have to say it? Don’t be afraid to lift!!! All of the ladies in the Warrior class still look like ladies! We aren’t huge, bulky she-beasts! Yes, we’re beasts, but along the lines of Wonder Woman, not crazy steroid pumping “ladies.” But Jenn, Shannon, Kristen, Crystal, Laura and myself still look like girls, BAD ASS girls! Yes, we lift big, we work HARD, and we LOVE it. I’ve also seen girls here who have never touched a barbell before, and LOVED it the instant they did a heavy deadlift or squat! So, get on it!

Another myth, steady state cardio. Running for an hour doesn’t work nearly as well as a short intense workout that only lasts 20-30 minutes. Seriously. What’s harder, a 5K at a medium pace or 12 100 yard sprints? The sprints are far more effective! Interval training gets your cardio better because the short periods of work and rest make your recovery time better and forces you to get your heart rate and breathing in check.

So this year, please take our advice seriously, and even if you don’t want to follow it, at least think about it before throwing it out the window!

Lindsay Seamans - Split Jerks @ PRIDE Conditioning
Lindsay Seamans - Split Jerks @ PRIDE Conditioning


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