How do I lose weight and get flat abs?!

Written by Douglas Seamans and Lindsay Seamans

How do I lose weight and get flat abs?!

This is a question I hear inside the gym almost every week, in fact, almost every day. I get requests from lots of people for workouts with lots of abs or ab burnout drills. Lindsay and I get asked how to get flat abs, how to lose weight, how to get thin, how to slim down your butt, your thighs, your arms and your mid-section.

The answer to losing weight is not to run more or do more steady state cardio. The answer to getting flat abs is not to do more crunches or sit-ups or leg raises. I am going to tell you something you probably have heard us say before; EAT RIGHT AND LIFT HEAVIER WEIGHT!!!

When I hear people ask me how to lose weight or ask me why they haven’t lost any weight after being here for months and then tell me that they haven’t changed their diet at all, I get very upset. When I see people who have been here for months are still lifting the same ten pound dumbbells, swinging the same 25 pound kettlebell, jumping the same height box, only sinking their push ups down two inches, I get very upset. When I hear people are still drinking multiple nights per week or having multiple drinks in one night, I get very upset. When I hear about people hitting up Bojangles and Chic-Fil-A for lunch, I get very upset. When I hear about people still consuming vast quantities of cheese and still drinking milk, it upsets me. When people complain that they aren’t getting results but they are only ere one or two days per week, this upsets me.

We preach to you over and over and over; lift heavier weights, push your cardio harder, stop eating crap food, stop consuming dairy, stop drinking so much! Yet many of you do not seem to listen or get it or you are choosing to ignore us. We have many people who have had enormous success with us when they truly listened and truly did what we advised them to do, lift heavier weight, pushed harder, cut down or cut out the alcohol, stopped drinking milk and eating cheese, stopped hitting up fast food and started packing their meals, and especially eating clean. The people who have found success with us have hit rock bottom; they walked in, the heaviest and fattest they have ever been in their life, asked us how to eat right and get in shape. We told them and they did what we told them to do. The question is, are you willing to do whatever it takes, are you willing to sacrifice, are you willing to give your all and give up a lot of the laziness, decadence, overeating, drinking and partying that got you to that position in your life?

Hard work, dedication, sacrifice. Eat right, lift heavy, push hard. This is what it takes to achieve success.


A note from Lindsay:

Doug is pissed. He is. And I think rightfully so. Getting people to lose weight and get in shape is his job, it’s his livelihood. It’s more than just a hobby. He’s been where a lot of you are starting: overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy. I wasn’t in the greatest shape either. We worked at it though, and started chipping away at the fat on our bodies and changed our diet so we could get the results we wanted. This will not happen overnight. It WILL take weeks, months, maybe even a year or two, but most importantly it will take effort and dedication on your end. Coming into the gym three times a week for an hour is the easy part. It’s what you do outside the gym that’s the hard part. And yes, it would help everyone if we could be at home with all of you, but then you’d probably hate us with how “strict” and “crazy” we are. Again, we’re not asking you to make sudden changes to your diet and workouts overnight. Doing that would be like doing a crash diet, and it won’t stick and you’ll hate it. Start by making small changes every week or every month, and results will start happening. Take out bread one month, dairy the next; gradual changes are how we did it, and it’s much easier to stick to these changes in your diet and exercise this way.

It is almost my life goal now to get women to be less afraid of weights. Weights WILL give you muscle. Having muscle will get you “toned”. I say that in quotes because I honestly hate that word, I don’t want to be toned, I want to be well muscled, because really, that’s what being “toned” is. Muscles are important when it comes to fat loss, because you can shape muscle, you can’t shape fat. And many people say that muscle weighs more than fat. This isn’t true. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, but the difference is that a pound of muscle is more dense than that pound of fat, meaning that a pound of muscle is smaller and takes up less space than a pound of fat. So when your muscle cells grow and your fat cells shrink, you could possibly weigh more (I hate scales, the only reason I weigh myself is so I can determine my bodyfat percentage, the number on the scale is not the same as how I look in the mirror) but you should be skinnier. Muscles and weights will give you the round butt you want, great legs, arms and shoulders, because you CAN grow them and make them change shape. You CANNOT do the same with fat. You CANNOT shape what you don’t have, and you’ll never see the great arms and abs and legs if you don’t have the muscles underneath them to burn the fat off. Fat will just hang and sag, and sometimes create dimples. Check out my post that’s coming Friday so you can really see what I’m trying to get at!


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