How Dedicated Are You?

This may sound like we are beating a dead horse, but we cannot stress enough how important dedication is to your success here at PRIDE. I’m not just talking about showing up here three to five or even six days a week, I am also talking about your diet, working on your mobility or your flexibility and your cardio conditioning and endurance at home, getting enough water and sleep and truly being dedicated to a lifestyle.

We have many people who show up three days a week for Boot Camp or Kickboxing but do nothing in their off days or continue to make poor food choices or continue to drink alcohol (sometimes in excessive amounts and/or almost every night of the week) and we also have people who are signed up for three or five or six days and only come in one or two days a week (people with major job or childcare or schedule issues we are not pointing at you), all of these people will have a very hard time truly making progress and achieving their goals of weight loss, fat loss, increased endurance, muscles mass and strength and in overall health. Most, and I mean over 90% of our people, are truly dedicated, we see them day after day working their butts off and we hear about the good diet choices they are making and sacrifices they make cutting back or flat out quitting alcohol consumption, and we see the results they get, it shows, and those people have a lot to be proud of. The remaining 10% who are not showing that same dedication, that lack of dedication also shows when they don’t get the results they are looking for.

We want all of you to succeed, to get stronger, faster, lift more and look amazing because of all your hard work. We want nothing but the best for all of you! Your success and happiness is our success and happiness!

So, how dedicated are you? How bad do you want it? Are you making it to all your classes? Are you making the right diet choices? How much are you drinking? Are you getting enough water and enough sleep? Is shorting yourself those two reps or not sinking low on your squats, lunges, dips and pushups, while we are not looking, is it really helping you? Did getting through the workout quicker by sacrificing good form help you? Did skipping the workout because you don’t like running or you don’t like Tabata or you don’t like AMRAP workouts get you one step closer to your goal or did it set you two steps back? Did lifting lighter weight, the easier weight, instead of lifting the heavier weight really help you? Ask yourself all these questions, if you need to, ask yourself everyday, when you need to make a choice, ask yourself if choice A or choice B will help get you to your goals. And remember, ask us if you have any questions regarding which choice is better! We are here to help you succeed! We love all of you, but now it is time for some of you to really buckle down and show us how dedicated you can truly be!

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