Glorious Power Cake!

Yes, I said cake! But it’s nothing like birthday cake. This is power fuel! Seriously, this isn’t something you should be eating everyday at breakfast. You can make muffins from this recipe if you want smaller individual sized cakes that you can also freeze separately and then pull out and heat up when you need some power fuel before a long run, a hiking expedition into the mountains or a big day at the beach. This recipe makes a huge batch, so you can cut it in half pretty easily to make a smaller cake. This thing has a good amount of protein and a very high carb content, but none of it is simple sugars so it’s slow digesting and will stay with you for a long time. It tastes amazing but be careful as it will fill you up quick and you can go overboard on your calories for the day real quick.

I also made this to satisfy a craving for Glorious Morning Muffins I use to get at Nova’s bakery. It’s not quite as doughy or fluffy but it comes close enough for me and it is way better for you. You can eat it hot or cold.

I made this the night before our 10k last week and heated up a piece for Lindsay and I the morning of the race and kept the rest in the fridge. And because it isn’t all sugary or like a normal cake, it will keep in the fridge covered for about a week!


Ingredients for Glorious Power Cake

1. Cook one cup of Quinoa (makes almost 2 cups, kind of like rice gets bigger).

Quinoa cooking

Quinoa cooked

2. Put cooked Quinoa and 1 Cup of Rob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Hot Cereal in a bowl (uncooked, it will cook in the oven).

3. Add two eggs and 1 tbsp of Grapeseed Oil.

4. Grate 2 large carrots and 2 Granny Smith Apples in a bowl and add one cup of organic raisins (you could do dried cranberries instead of raisins for more zing).

Raisins, grated apples and carrots

5. Add between 1 and 1 1/2 cups of almond milk and mix to get a gooey consistency. You don’t want it too runny.

6. Add raisins, carrots and apples.

7. Add 2 tbsp of Truvia, 1/2 tsp of Sea Salt, 4 tbsp of organic honey, 1/2 tsp baking powder and about 1/2 tsp apple pie or pumpkin pie seasoning.

8. Chop up 1 cup of whatever nuts you want in a food processor. I used a mixture of almonds, walnuts, cashews, Philbert and Brazil nuts.

9. Mix it all together and spoon into a sprayed deep casserole dish or into sprayed muffin tins. You can fill it pretty high in the dish or in tins since it really doesn’t rise.

10. Cook 45-60 minutes on 375.

Glorious Power Cake Done!


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