Friday…what’s your excuse???!

Please, please, please tell me your excuse why don’t come to the gym on Fridays???! We see the same people day after day, week after week, month after month, some for years. And we love how much dedication we see from so many people! But the flip side of that coin…we notice…oh yes we notice…the same people are always absent from the gym on Fridays. WHY???! Please tell me your awesome excuse why you can’t make it to the gym for one hour…one hour…on Friday?!

Yes we know some people take Fridays for fun and we see them on Saturday. That’s cool. We know who you are and yes we notice and we don’t say anything because you’re still dedicated. Good work keep it up!

But how many of you pay for a membership and only come in Monday and Wednesday? You skip Friday! You even skip Tuesday and Thursday! Oh and you don’t come in Saturday! So you have access to one of the top strength and conditioning and endurance gyms in the city, a gym with some of the best coaches with years of experience, and you only come to the gym two days a week? Why?! 

You signed up to train with us to get stronger, faster, and leaner, but instead of utilizing our amazing gym and our program and our coaching, you’ve chosen to do nothing? Or you’re only putting in minimum effort? Is your plan and your two days a week getting you results? Is skipping Friday getting you results? 

Look we truly love all of you! Our amazing clients who bust ass and leave puddles of sweat and clouds of profanity in the gym, but we want to see you more! We want you to get the results you dreamed of when you signed up! We want you to get crazy strong and lightning fast! But we can’t train you when you’re six episodes deep into a Netflix binge and we can’t train you while you’re hanging at the brewery! We want you to love that feeling of giving it your all and finishing a workout laying down trying to catch your breath! We want you to love those jelly legs trying to get in your car after your workout! We want you to love that feeling of your abs hurt trying to get out of bed Saturday morning! 

Be prepared next week, every day make sure you’ve got your meals planned out and make sure you’ve got your gym clothes packed! No excuses. Get in here so we can help you achieve your goals! 

Keep crushing it everyone! Love you! 

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