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Food Friday – Tracking and Comparing Macros

It almost seems to be my most consistent posts are the “Food Friday” posts! Somehow I always seem to have time Thursday or Friday and instead of writing “Monday Motivation” articles, I end up writing a Food Friday article. But anyway, today is about tracking macros and comparing to my template. Now not all of you have a template so you don’t even know what I’m talking about. If you need a template please email us, if you are literally the same exact size as Doug or Lindsay we can share our template with you if you are trying to cut, if we do not have your size then you will have to buy one from RP…HERE. We have been very successful with the RP templates and Nick is a local Charlotte man and we would like to support him so please order your templates from RP. 

But right now I am going to show you how I lay out my macros and compare them to my template.
Here is my RP template for a hard workout day and I am working out around 3pm…

Sorry if that is a little fuzzy and tough to read!

So I have already input my meals into and then I put my meals into my daily diary. I pretty much eat the same thing everyday so I don’t have to do this daily, and I have been doing this for so long that I know how to cut my meals for easier days and for rest days. But here is my diary from myfitnesspal…

Now comparing this to the RP template is not easy. On the RP template you will see some of the protein amounts are by weight and some are by volume, so I had to convert them to make them all the same. And myfitnesspal does not understand how we time our meals around workouts so the setup on their site is breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and that does not translate to the RP template. So, what I had to do was make my own spreadsheet to compare the diary to the template. Here is my spreadsheet…

I did this yesterday because my old template was for training twice a day and I am no longer doing that and have not been doing two a days for over a year now and I have been just guessing at my macros for once a day training. To my credit, after not measuring my body fat for over a year, I measured yesterday and I am 11%…at 37 years old…a testament to me doing this for so long that just by knowing about how much calories and macros I needed I am able to maintain that body composition. But with that said, I use to be single digit and it would be nice just for aesthetics to be 9% again. I have also been noticing that my energy around and during my workouts has been off so I knew I needed a new template and I needed to review my macros, especially my carbs, before, during and after my workouts. So I got a new template and sat down and did the work. This is what you have to do when you are dead serious about your training and your success in the gym and if you want to gain or maintain or lose weight.

So we can see in the comparison spreadsheet that my totals are a little off. On my totals on the last line, my protein is short but only by a little, my carbs are short and by a lot, and my fat is over. Just full disclosure every single time I compare to my template this is the story, protein and carbs are short and fat is over. Story of my life the last ten years! So to fix this I have to up my protein and carbs and try to cut some fat. This is difficult. Adding more protein without adding more fat means eating very lean protein sources and possibly increasing the size of my protein shakes. Now the beauty of using myfitnesspal is that you can put in a recipe and then you can go back and copy it to make a new version and edit it to figure out how much of something you need to get it to come out right.

Breaking this down by meal;

  • My first meal is a protein shake with a tiny amount of fruit and almond butter and spinach put through a blender. I need to cut out a bit of the fruit and shave down that almond butter amount. I’ll leave the protein as it is because I am short overall for the day and need to get it in where I can.
  • My second meal I am way over on carbs. This is key because I need more carbs right before my workout and right after, so this meal has oatmeal and sweet potato and I can cut the potato out and recheck it and see if I have to lower the oatmeal serving size. Now doing this is going to drop my total carb count for the day way down so my meals before and especially my meals after workout I will need to bump my carbs way up.
  • My third meal is a couple hours before workout and needs to be much higher in carbs. This meal is brown rice pasta and ground chicken, I am right on with the protein but way short on carbs, this is a simple fix I will just add more pasta! Lowering the fat content is going to be tough.
  • Preworkout meal is over on everything. Fuck. This is Lindsay’s chocolate chip zucchini muffins and I love them. I may have to find an alternative even though I don’t want to.
  • My intraworkout is a bit high on carbs but my workouts are a bit more intense than the lifting workouts that RP has in mind when they write these templates and my workouts are typically two hours long so staying fueled up during that time is important and difficult so I may just leave this the way it is even though it is over. I am short on carbs over the whole day so this is where I can get some more in and not be worried they aren’t going to get burned off.
  • Post workout is just a protein shake with a little gatorade powder added for carbs. I can lower my serving size and I will be ok.
  • The meal I have an hour or two after that post workout protein shake, this is where I really need to add a ton of carbs and a lot of protein. This is simple as this meal is just chicken and rice, adding more of each will solve the problem. And FYI this is the meal everyone at 7pm class time smells me eating and says “that smells great what is it?!” and it is literally shredded chicken breast with peppers and onions and salsa with white rice and fat free refried beans. This is one of the meals I prep on Sunday and seriously is the easiest meal to prep.
  • Dinner at home is my last meal and is a little short on protein and carbs. This meal is also easy to fix as it is just turkey meatballs and green beans and rice, so more meatballs and more rice and problem solved.

So, this is how I dial in my diet. I am positive that the changes I make here will have me back in single digit body fat one about a month or two. My body naturally wants to be around 15% so I have to fight to stay this low. But I can tell you all how I have been able to maintain single digit body fat for ten years is keeping my diet tight, prepping my foods on Sunday, not feeling guilty over little cheat meals, staying away from high sugar and too much fruit, and above all the number one way I have kept this low body fat for so many years is that I stopped drinking. Yes I know you’re all sitting back reading this saying “well I’m not going to stop drinking”…”he’s crazy”…”I’d lose my mind if I stopped drinking”…”I wouldn’t have a social life if I stopped drinking”…”you don’t have kids you don’t understand”…you can give me all the arguments and all the bullshit excuses you want to, in the end you know I am right, and you know if you stopped drinking you would have more money, you would perform better in the gym, and you would drop your body fat composition. I can preach about it all day long but until you’re ready to get serious you won’t listen to that part of my story. But anyway, this is how we lay out our macros and this is how we compare what we are taking in to what we should be taking in and this is how we see where we are short or where we are over. If you want help with your plan please email me!

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  1. Good stuff Coach! If you pay for the MFP premium you can customize your diary and change a lot more things to make it line up easier. I think it’s $20 a year for the premium version, so not terribly expensive and might save you some time.

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