Food Friday – Why you need a protein shake

Usually the “Food Friday” post is about meal prepping and giving you a recipe for something tasty and healthy and easy to prepare and split up into meals for the week…well not this week…this week we need to address why you are not pounding protein shakes like a bro-dude-gym-rat?!

“I don’t need protein shake”…yeah bullshit! You do! If you just came into the gym and hit a 5×5 back squat and then did row-run-kettlebell-GHD workout then you need a protein shake! Here’s the deal, you have a window of time after working out to replace the carbs you just burned and help rebuild your torn broken down muscles with some protein. Protein is how we rebuild muscles. Carbs are how we replenish energy used and it is also how we feed the protein to the muscle, think of carbs as fuel and energy but also think of them as the spoon we use to cram protein into the hungry mouth of your muscles. That window is under 60 minutes, if you miss that window then your muscles are starving and they won’t rebuild themselves, you won’t get stronger and you won’t make any gains. Feed that muscle a protein shake inside the window and watch the gains commence!

“I’ll get too big, I don’t need to gain weight I need to lose weight”…yeah a protein shake will help you lose weight if that is your goal! How? More muscle = more fat burned. So you workout, you pound a protein shake, your muscles rebuild faster and stronger and then they burn more fat all day and all night. It really is that simple. Subbing a shake for a meal is great if your goal is weight loss.

“I am just too busy I don’t have time for all that”…wow what a huge load of bullshit…a protein shake can be made before your workout and waiting for you in the fridge or you can take literally 60 seconds after your workout to mix it up. Seriously saying you don’t have one minute to mix up a shake after workout is the worst excuse ever. And if you’re super busy it is a good bet you’re also frequently skipping meals because you’re on the go, well a protein shake is a great substitute for a meal, just add some oatmeal or fruit juice to it and you’ve got some carbs and you’re good to go! Subbing a shake for a meal is hell of a lot better than starving yourself and your muscles, and it is way better than grabbing one of those doughnuts in the conference room or some shitty fast food garbage.

What kind of protein should you get? Good question! IF you can process dairy fine then whey protein is good, if you’re like Doug and Lindsay and you don’t do dairy then you can go with a vegan protein. We can get all types of protein for great prices just ask us and we will hook you up!


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