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Food Friday – Meal Prep – 17 meals from two roasted chickens

This week’s “Food Friday” we are going to show you how to get 17 meals out of two whole roasted chickens!

Step one

  • season two whole roasted chickens
  • bake at 375 for two hours in cast iron pan

Step two

  • while meat is roasting make your rice and vegetable and any other parts of your meals

Step three

  • pull meat off of one chicken at a time
  • place meat in mixer with a whisk attachment and shred for a minute or two

Step four

  • save 1 to 1.5 cup of meat from each chicken – this will be for your Sunday dinner
  • measure out and divide your shredded meat for your meals and your Sunday dinner
  • Lindsay was able to divide her chicken into 10 meals
    • 5 meals of chicken –
    • 5 meals of chicken
  • Doug divides his chicken into 5 meals
    • Chicken – Rice – Peppers – Onions – Black Beans – Salsa
  • Sunday dinner this week we made quesodillas! We cooked up some more peppers and onions and black beans, added in our shredded chicken and mixed in some of our favorite dairy free cheese, put it into four large tortilla shells and browned them up in a pan. Top with guacamole and salsa and we had Sunday dinner made! Last week we made biscuits and covered them with the shredded chicken and gravy. This coming week we will be making pasta and sauce or maybe some BBQ pizza! There are a lot of possibilities you can use this shredded chicken for!

Check out the video on this super easy way to get 17 meals out of two whole chickens! Please elave a comment on youtube, like and subscribe to our channel, and tell us what you want to see next!


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