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Food Friday: Cold chicken slaw salad

During the summer we like to eat cold meals. For this week’s Food Friday Recipe, here is a great chicken salad recipe that will satisfy your cold food craving after a hot workout and has a great macro profile!

  1. Cut up all your chicken and bake at 375 for 25 to 30 minutes until done. I like to use BBQ or Creole seasoning. Be sure to let the chicken cool off a little before throwing into the salad.
  2. Throw a bag of tri-color cabbage slaw mix into a really big bowl, add your mayo and vinegar and I like to add sriracha but you can add honey mustard or maybe some Korean BBQ sauce or some Thai peanut sauce to the mix. Add raisins or dried chopped figs or cranberries for a little sweetness. Add your seasoning and mix it all up before adding the chicken. Once mixed add the chicken and mix it again.
  3. If you like to keep your food separate then put your chicken slaw salad mix into your containers and then put your rice on the side, or you can mix the rice into the salad.
  4. Top with a sprinkling of corn, maybe add some chives or cilantro for color and flavor or sprinkle with some breadcrumbs for some extra texture.

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