Five New Years resolutions for 2018…

Next week I will get in to tips for keeping your resolutions, but here are five popular ones and ones we agree most of us should work on. But please remember not to try and remold yourself, or think you’re going to change your behavior 180 degrees, you are who you are, we can change ourselves a little but a complete lifestyle or personality change is hard to make stick more then a couple days. Small hangs are easy to keep and keep forever.

  1. Eat better. Again not trying to make huge changes, but maybe keep an eye on your snacking or get your protein shake after workout or try to cut out processed added sugar.
  2. Sleep more. So many of us work long hours and have many responsibilities in our lives and in top of that we have social media and we look at computer screens for many hours, this often leads to bad sleeping patterns which over time can turn in to bad habits. Try getting to sleep at the same exact time every night and keep your cell phone out of your bedroom (buy a real alarm clock seriously).
  3. Make physical activity a daily habit. Whatever you’re trying to change, making exercise a daily habit will help your mood and help your sleep and help your diet and food intake. Whether it’s a ten minute walk in the morning or an hour on a bike or yoga or weight lifting, whatever you do make sure you enjoy it, doing an activity you don’t like is punishment and physical activity should be fun and rewarding!
  4. Lift heavy! This is a myth that thousands of us in the fitness industry are trying to dispel! This BS idea that ladies lifting heavy will turn them into a man or a she-beast is just ludicrous. It won’t happen (unless you take steroids)!
  5. Take responsibility! Your success in life…or lack thereof…is due to your decisions and actions…stop blaming anyone and everyone and everything except yourself. Take a hard look at your life and your decisions and actions and think about where you got yourself. You have the power to change your life and you have the power to achieve all your goals!

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