Feelin’ the heat!

Unless you live under a rock or are from some place REALLY warm, it’s pretty freakin’ hot out! That being said, here are a few pointers:


We don’t care if you have to strip down and shed layers. It’s hot out, we understand, we don’t care nor will we judge (have you seen our before pictures?). If someone else cares, suck it up, we’re all adults here and if you can’t handle seeing someone with their shirt off you need to grow up. Just don’t let us see you in your undies and make sure if you sweat all over everything, wipe it down for the next person. So, shirts are optional, guys and girls. Short shorts and spandex or lycra stretch shorts are fine, just don’t show up in your underwear please. If you’ve got a couple to lose around the middle, we don’t care, that’s why you’re here, and if you see it in the mirror it may make you work harder to get it off!


If we are doing ab work that involves lying on a mat or any work lying down on the stability balls or the floor, just clean up after yourself and spray some Lysol on what you used and if you get it sweaty or leave a pool on the floor, please clean it up with paper towels and Lysol. If you are using a lot of chalk and you leave alien-like hand prints on the floor please give them a quick wipe down, we don’t care about chalk on the bars or weights or kettlebells but it’s kinda gross on the floor. Also, please try not to drip water all over the floor if you need a little splash on the back of your neck in the bathroom, if you’re drip drying from a water bottle dousing, please step into the parking lot. Try not to use a whole roll of paper towels, bring a real towel with you. We appreciate everyone’s business and LOVE everyone’s hard work in the heat, we’re just trying to keep things clean so we can all enjoy our workouts in a nice facility.


A lot of people are unsure of how much water to drink on a daily basis. The old “8 glasses per day” is well, old. Believe it or not, nobody knows where the “8 glasses a day” came from! Nobody ever took credit for it and nobody can find the first article or news story that said it. Everybody and every body is different! Here’s a good way to figure out how to stay hydrated; if you’re moderately active, you need 50-75% of you body weight in ounces of water. And if you’re really active, you need 75-100% of your body weight in ounces of water. As an example, a moderately active person who weighs 100 pounds needs between 50-75 ounces of water per day. An active person (should be most or all of everyone in here), at the same weight needs 75-100 ounces of water per day. It seems like a lot, but remember that foods that are mostly made up of water (tomatoes, watermelon, and most other fruits and veggies) count towards this amount. Alcohol does NOT count towards hydration and anything with alcohol in it will cause even further dehydration. We (Doug and Lindsay) usually drink about 4 quarts, or sometimes more, per day, at least 128 ounces and that usually is not enough but we also eat a lot of fruits and veggies. And you really need to get a lot of that water in before working out, trying to workout dehydrated sucks.

Any comments or suggestions please shout back!

Hope this helps everyone! Happy sweating!

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