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I had to stop following another fitness enthusiast on Twitter yesterday when she made a post about “the cookie diet” and how you could lose 37 pounds in 6 weeks eating these cookies…bullshit. Okay, so maybe you go on the diet and you lose a few pounds, do you stay on that diet forever? NO! Will you gain the weight back when you go off the diet? YES!

This is the problem with fad diets, diets that come and go, diets that require you to eat or drink something very specific for a certain amount of time…they don’t work in the long run!

Allow me to list some of the infamous fad diets:

  • Apple Juice diet
  • Cayenne Pepper diet
  • Green Tea diet
  • 0 Carbs diet
  • Blood Type diet
  • Cookie diet
  • Hollywood diet
  • Cabbage Soup diet
How many days in a row could you eat that?!

There are many more but I won’t go on. The simple truth is that when you cut out all or most of one thing from your diet you will probably lose weight but it is not healthy. The other truth is that once you go off these diets you are sure to gain back all the weight you lost plus some more.

There are only two diets that I will endorse, the Zone diet and the Paleo diet. For time sake I will not explain them but you can get more information about them here, and I personally follow a modified version of the Zone diet.

Back to the fads. Fad diets come and go, is that what you want your health to do? Come and go? Of course not!

When beginning a new diet plan you need to not focus on the word “diet” itself. I tell my clients you need to ask yourself one question…”can I eat like this for the rest of my life”? If the answer is no then whatever diet you are thinking about trying is not going to work. You need to make this a part of your life, a change in eating habits needs to be a change in your lifestyle. You need to be prepared to make that change for life. If you think you can’t make that change for life then don’t do it! You will set yourself up for failure!

Remember also that just changing your eating habits can and probably will cut some weight, but it is not enough, you need to be involved in an exercise program and it also needs to become a part of your new lifestyle.

So get off the crazy diets, stop reading about what some celebrity did to lose 12 pounds in two weeks and stay away from diet products that sound strange or way to good to be true. If there was one perfect diet and it worked and you could easily stay on it for life, everybody would be on it and it would be the last diet anybody ever talked about…but there is no such thing! Make a change but make the right change and you will be fit for life!

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