Our facility has:

  • 6 station – 54 feet long – squat pull up rig
  • 3 squat cages (total 10 stations to squat/bench)
  • Competition Bench
  • Leg Press
  • Two sets of dumbbells
  • Large selection of kettlebells
  • 16 barbells
  • Steel plates and bumper plates
  • Chains and bands
  • Deadlift platform
  • Reverse Hyper
  • GHD
  • Airbikes
  • Rowers
  • Ski-ergs
  • Med balls
  • Sand bags
  • Battle Rope Stations
  • Punching bags
  • Suspension trainers (similar to TRX)
  • 50×14 turf
  • Sleds
  • Lat pull down and row machine
  • Leg extension and curl machine
  • Outdoor parking lot for sprints and other outdoor workouts
  • MyZone group heart rate monitor system
  • Massage therapist – Sumner Bodywork
  • Boxing room with 8 bags and boxing ring

Charlotte Trainers and Therapists:

We are currently open to accepting new personal trainers who have their own clients and are looking for a gym to train their people at. We have 6,000 square feet of space and we specialize in strength and conditioning. We have 3,000 sqft in the back for one-on-one training, small group training and metcon type workouts. Our space up front can be used for boxing or martial arts training, with 2,000 sqft that includes a ring and several bags.

Please email us for more info at info@prideconditioning.com.