Endurance workout for 2-13-2016

Vincent just got back to Charlotte and is behind on work. 

Doug is running in his speedo at the whitewater center. Because he’s crazy. 

So Lindsay will be in charge but she has been sick all week so please just read the workout and do your best, she won’t be able to yell at you at all so you’re kind of on your own. 

Warm up: half the class 3:00 Airdyne, other half does 10 JJ, 5 squat thrust, 10 mountain climbers for 3:00, then switch. 

5 Rounds 

  • Row 500,400,300,200,200
  • 5 wallballs 
  • 5 DB squat thrust stand curl and press
  • Ski 100,100,200,300,400

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