Endurance for 1-12-16

Kettle-bell and Calorie Chaos

Ski-erg/ 100 Kettle-bell swings


8 Calorie Burn (for women)

10 Calorie Burn (for men)

Kettle-bell swings

Exercise is complete when you hit 100~ 2 handed KB Swings

Row/Squat Thrust


10 Calorie Burn (for women)

12 Calorie Burn (for men)

Squat Thrusts

Exercise is complete when you hit 100 Squat Thrusts

Airdyne/”Walk the Plank” Farmers Carry

1:00 Airdyne

1:00 Kettle-bell Farmers Carry

Exercise is finished when last person from Ski-erg or Rower is complete

** I did this workout on myself.  It’s miserable, but everyone can do it.


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