Everyone has a dream, or two or three or lots of dreams. Some are big and some are crazy and some seem totally impossible. Some people dream of sailing around the world or going to the moon or getting a better job or getting a degree or just losing a few pounds. Some dreams may bring you public greatness, like winning the World Series, some will bring congratulatory words from friends and family and some will make your life or other people’s lives better and some will just make you smile and be proud of your accomplishment.

I can tell you that I have had many dreams, some have come and gone. I have not always accomplished my dreams and some dreams I have had to push aside for now but I know I will get to some day but for now I need to go after a different dream. I will also tell you that me sitting here right now, writing this, talking to you, having my own business and my own clients is a huge dream for me and I am living that dream. The dream is not perfect for life seldom is and I have had to give up many things to make this dream come true and I had help from a few people but this dream is no longer a dream, it is my life and my reality and I am thankful for that.

What I am telling you is that no matter what your dream is you can get there! Write it down, make a plan, get excited, tell somebody about it, learn everything you can about it, if you need help then ask for it and be thankful for it. Going to the moon or losing 50 pounds might seem impossible but we know it is not impossible because other people have done it.

What is your dream, right now, today, what are you dreaming about? Make it happen.

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