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I haven’t posted a lifting blog in a almost a month is I though I would post up what I’ve been doing since the Kettlebell competition in Atlanta back in August so here is what I’ve been doing. After the comp I took almost a full week off from lifting really heavy, but I couldn’t keep myself out off the weights, so the week after the comp I didn’t touch a kettlebell for a week and just did some really basic lifting.

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to figure out a good schedule to get back to basic lifting and get in three days of long cycle work with some short sessions for jerks and snatches. Leading up to the comp I cut way down on deadlifts and shoulder work and just focused on long cycle work, I also cut down my supplemental upper body work including any work on my arms. While I did hit a PR at the comp with 45 reps, leading into the comp both of my shoulders were both injured, my arms felt very weak and these two things caused my lockout to feel weak and shaky. I also had a really bad nerve impingement in my neck that was very painful. Now that I have added back in my upper body work along with three days of leg work, my lockout feels much better, but it is a massive amount of work and is very tiring and I border on overtraining almost every week. Also trying to schedule in two days of running and two days of Muay Thai training is rough as I am trying to get in more bag work and more class time.

The past two weeks have been spent trying to nail down this schedule, what feels good, what is most beneficial for me as a lifter and for Muay Thai and what is just too much. Most days I can get it all in but somedays I am short on time or energy or both and I have to leave a couple things off.

I’ve also been working on a new diet. The biggest change has been what I am having in the morning. I have switched over from oatmeal with nuts and fruit with an egg to a protein shake. The new shake is a lot easier to consume in the morning than the heavy oats and eggs. What’s in the new shake? The new shake is 8oz of almond/coconut milk, 8oz of ice, one banana, one apple, two scoops of Plantfusion protein powder (Plantfusion is soy, gluten, dairy and animal free and is certified vegan) and one tablespoon of almond butter. The shake is 552 calories, not light! The rest of the macros are 54g carbs, 16g of fat and 47g of protein. It takes me almost an hour to drink it so I am not trying to slam it all at once. Some days I only throw in one scoop of protein and this cuts the calories down by 120 but it also cuts the protein down the protein by 20g. I am trying to stay as strict as I can during the week and keep cheat meals on the weekend under control and not go crazy. I have put on about 8 pounds of muscle and a couple pounds of fat for ten pounds of mass, I am now trying to lean that mass out.

Had a great Kettlebell lifting session yesterday, form was good, but even better my new lifting belt is starting to break in and I had that thing on lock, and I didn’t have any painful pinch between elbow and the belt. My pace was good and hit 30 in 5:00, still need to work on breathing, I feel like I can’t catch my breath so I’ve been hauling ass and then taking 10 seconds to breathe at the top of the minute. Need to hit some more 6 and 8 minute sets. Not sure if it’s the belt that is making it so hard to breathe. Anyway, regular lifting is getting better, right before I cut my weight down and started doing higher rep sets for the the comp I was pushing 275 on a ten rep set of deadlifts and about 305-315 on a 5 rep set, my squat was about 245 on a five rep set and about 205 on a ten rep set, after the comp I had taken a huge step back in strength on both lifts as I almost completely cutout deadlifs during comp training. Needless to say I was pretty pissed after the comp I felt so weak, I was struggling to pull 305 for five reps on my first deadlift session two weeks after the comp, but a month later after doing a 5×5 set twice a week I am happy to say I have hit a five rep deadlift PR at 345! And my squat is back up to 185 for front squats and 225 for back squat on a five rep set.

I have been getting a lot of compliments on my size lately and that makes me happy, but running with the extra ten pounds of mass sucks and I am little slower on the Muay Thai side of my training so I am also trying to work on my speed with my combinations on the heavy bag. It will all come together but it’s going to take time and a lot of hard work.

That’s my training blog for now! I will check back in a couple weeks to see some more progress. Thanks for all the support!





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