Doug’s Training Blog #2

I tried to post a training blog last week but failed. We had a lot going on at the gym. We are in the middle of developing new programming for the gym in which we are using an algorithm that we developed to schedule different formats of workouts and make it seem random when it is not, this is taking up a lot of our time. We also had our yearly competition workout, which left me limping to this day. My legs are just shot. This obviously makes it tough to perform long cycle. My sleep and rest has also been terrible the past couple weeks, just too much going on.

I have had some really good training days and I can now push a couple of minutes on the 28’s, which is really, really tough. Watching the pro’s on the 32’s I really dont know how they do it! Of course, when I was training on the 16’s, the 20’s and the 24’s seemed so far away, and now here I am pushing 24’s. The dedication and time and energy I have to put into this training is insane, but I know it is all worth it. Lindsay is coming along on her training as well and so is one of my students Chris Esquilin.

My only stumbling block has been a couple of injuries; my left shoulder is jacked, some days it is fine and others it is terrible, I can’t explain it but sometimes it is difficult just to lift my arm up to the side, some days it is tough to drive my car into the gym and hold the steering wheel, the other injury just happened this week, I am getting a lot of pain under my right knee cap. I have picked up my running a little bit and they may have contributed to the knee pain, but I am not sure. I also started pushing the 28’s at the same time I started picking up my running so I am not sure which one is messing me up, probably a combination of both. So I have been rolling my rotator cuff with a lacrosse ball against the wall a lot and just trying to warm up properly and it is helping, a little.

The competition is about 3 weeks away and while I know I can make it through a 10:00 set it will be rough and my rep count will not be high, and I think I may get some no counts, but I am still going to step onto that platform and give it everything I’ve got, because that is what a competitor does, they suffer through injuries and countless hours of training and pain so that they can look back and say “I tried as hard as I could”.

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