Doug kettlebell long cycle training log 7-15-13

Well, some days you step on to the platform and you are ON…seems days…not so much. This was one of those not so much days. Being stretched in many directions by three businesses, my training, training my clients, house, car projects, the wife’s training for the comp and for her Muay Thai instructor test, I am being pulled in a lot of directions. I keep not getting enough sleep on Sunday nights and Monday is my big comp set day trying to go a full 10:00. Today I just didn’t have it. I still got on the platform and did my best but having two hand injuries from the previous week totally broke my concentration on all the little details I was suppose to be working on. Cleans were terrible. And the bad cleans caused a lot of wrist fatigue because I couldn’t get the clean to go smooth and land with a straight wrist.

Only 27 reps in 7:00. Terrible.

But as you can see, I still trained! No matter how bad you feel, training will always make you feel better.

I followed this with 10:00 on the rower at about 30 strokes per minute and then followed that with 20×5 sets of floor wipers with a 135 pound bar. I haven’t been training my abs lately and it is starting to show…rather…not show!

Here is the link to today’s kettlebell set, along with my rambling about my torn hands:

Doug Kettlebell Training Long Cycle 24kg 7-15-13

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