Confessions of a Health Nut

By Lindsay Seamans

So I have a confession. It’s not really embarrassing or anything, or maybe it is. But, um, I get food bullied at work. There. I said it. I don’t really get bullied, but my food does. My food. It gets picked on and teased, and told it “smells bad”. People roll their eyes when I tell them what I have for lunch. I get scoffed at. And truthfully, I think my chicken, salmon and veggies feel really down because of it. They feel bad about getting bullied, it hurts their feelings. They feel different and left out because they’re healthy and good for me.

Why does my food get bullied? I think it’s because it’s different. And probably because it doesn’t smell as good as buttery garlic bread, or chicken nuggets or a milkshake. It’s also healthy. And pretty much every person I work with eats unhealthy foods. And go figure, their food smells really, really good because it’s loaded with salt, sugar, and bad fats.

But guess what. My food is good for me. And that makes it feel better about itself. It knows it’s getting me results both fitness and health wise. I get a physical every year to make sure my cholesterol, hormones (especially thyroid), and glucose levels are in check. And guess what? They sent me my lab results, and wrote “Excellent” on every page…all 5 of them. And, I’ve seriously gained about 5 pounds of muscle within the last 6-8 months.

So why would I let someone talk smack about my precious food and not say anything back? Because I’m walking proof that what you put in to your body helps define it, look at me, look at you. My food is healthy, and I’m healthy. All but 3 people I work with eat really bad, and even the 3 that don’t, still eat fast food at least once a week, and it shows. So everyone can keep talking crap about what I eat, but I know that it keeps me strong and healthy, and gives me a clean bill of health. So, what is your food doing for you?

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