Workout 11-16-16

Warm-up: 1:00 squat, box step, Burpees x2 Strength: 10×10 DB Shoulder Press 1:00 rest 40/20, x5; Airdyne Box jump KB Snatches GHD Sit up Wallball

Workout 9-9-16

Warm-up: 1:00 each, x1: jump rope, squat thrusts, mtn climbers Extra squat warm-up  Squats 30/15, x5: Slam balls Kettlebell swings Skull crushers Block pass crunches Decline push-ups Knee tuck crunch on box

Workout 9-7-16

Warm-up: walking lunges to door, 300m run Mobility: look at my hands, OH pipe squat, pipe pass through, helicopters X5: Seated shoulder press ladder, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 BB windshield wiper, 10 (advanced, hanging wipers) KB high pull ladder, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 Cross body mountain climbers, 50 Ski, 200m Finish: plank!

Workout 8-26-2016

Warm-up: 500m run Mobility: banded pipe squats, banded walks, towel slide lunges backwards and side FGB, x5: BB box squats Curl & press Jump rope Mermaid dips Side shuffle with speed skaters Rest Finish: 500m run

Workout 8-24-2016

Warm-up: 2:00/:30: row, skierg, jog/side shuffle 5 Rounds: 5 push press – HEAVY 10 3-way delt raise (front, side, rear, 10 reps each way, same weight) 20 Med ball knee tuck crunches on box OH KB waiters walk Finish: mobility fun! “Look at my hands”, Cuban rotations, half dragonfly

Workout 8-22-2016

Warm-up: 50 jumping jacks, 50 mountain climbers, 30 run Shit Sandwich! TABATA, x4: Hurdle jump with burpee V-crunch ball pass Hindu push-ups DB Floor press HKJR 1:00/:20 x2 TABATA x4 Finish: ladder drills

Workout 8-19-16

Warm-up: 3 mins jump rope 3 mins rower Workout: 1000m 15-12-9-6-3 Kb double deadlift KB swing doubles  Tuck jumps  Leg raises on bar 1000m row

Workout 8-17-16

Warm-up: 50 jumping jacks, 25 lunges, 5 burpees 4 rounds: 45 seconds max effort/45s rest  Wall Balls Plate surrender   Ski Plate Russian twist  Finish 500m run

Workout 8-15-16

WU 500m run Figure 4 stretch, Eagle legs supine twist  5 Rounds: 5 kb toe touch 10 ring chest press 15 double kb squat 20 alternating bent over row  Stretching: butterfly, half dragonfly  (Same set of kb for everything)

Workout 7-29-2016

Warm-up: 2 min Ski, 2 min row, 200m run Strength: BB front lunge 6 X 4 5:00/1:00 Amrap 3x 5 no hand getup 10 Toes to bar 15 kbfs 15 DB curls 20 KB deadlift  Finish: 100 walking lunges