Technique Tuesday – Fix your sumo deadlift

The deadlift. A dreaded and feared exercise for so many. The hip hinge, the posture, foot position, grip, so many little details in such a simple lift. All you have to do is pick that weight up off the floor, yet you’re stuck at a certain weight or every damn time you deadlift you feel […]

What program and which coach is best?

by Doug Seamans   This debate has raged for years now…decades actually. While it may seem like I am beating a dead horse, I still hear people who want to argue that this program (usually the one they are using) and this coach (usually their coach) are the best and everyone should use this program […]

Monday Motivation 9 – Don’t let injuries become excuses…

We have trained almost 1,000 clients here at Pride, and over the course of training all those people in the past 7 years we have seen a few injuries, luckily our injury rate here is super low. With the number of people we have trained it is inevitable someone is going to get injured, either inside the […]


WOW! Summer Games was awesome this year! We were very happy with the turnout but we were even happier with the results form the powerlifting portion! Everyone who came in put up some good numbers in their squat, bench press and deadlift. This just shows how hard everyone in here is working, it shows everyone’s […]

Stop trying to skip the struggle!

  Stop trying to skip the fucking struggle. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s a one day, sometimes it’s an entire week, sometimes just getting to the gym is a struggle, sometimes finishing the workout is a struggle, sometimes it’s just one simple exercise everyone else seems to be good at but keeps beating us […]

Valentine’s Massacre!

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day everyone! Much love to all of you! Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving the one you are going to bed with tonight (or hope to!) but it is also about loving everyone around you and yourself! So take a moment today to tell your mom or dad or siblings […]

How Mean Can a Coach Be?

I recently shared an article on facebook written by Matt Foreman on Catalyst Athletics titled “Harsh Comments From Coaches…And Why They’re Awesome.” Here is a little snippet from the article with some great comments coaches may have made or thought about saying to their athletes: “Coach to athlete: “You know, this morning I saw a […]

One Rep Max Program…

Some of you have started on the next phase of our strength program, the one rep max phase. Here are the sheets for you to print out! Some of you are on the “Mini-Strength” program, I will have sheets for you tomorrow! If you have not started any of the strength programs, what the hell […]

Get pumped for 2016, 12 Class Passes for $40!!!

Our annual sale on 12 Class Passes is on! Join the best strength and conditioning program for only $40!!! For new clients, returning clients who haven’t been here in more than a month, or for current clients to give as gifts to friends and relatives! Offer expires 01/30/2016 Must be redeemed by 01/30/2016 Passes expire […]