Workout for 11-9-2016

Warm up: 25 burpees 6 Rounds: 3 BB jerk  5/5 Front/Side raises  10 Toes to bar  6 Rounds 20/10 static + 0:20 Ski Battle rope  DB thrusters  Mountain climbers  KBDL 

Workout for 9-19-2016

Warm up: 10 burpees, 100m ski, 20 broad jumps, 300m run Mobility: Strength: squats of course!  10 reps bar 5 reps at 50% 5 reps at 65% 5×5 BOX at 75% 20/10x5x6  Push ups Mountain climbers DB chest press DB bent rows KB swing 

Redline 7-3-2015

warmup: 30 second thai lunge/hurdle stretch left and right; 30 seconds of jumping jacks Tabata 8×8: Kb swings / plank jacks Kick ups / knee tuck crunches  180 jump squats / corkscrew leg lifts Rower (static)/ab mat sit-ups alternated with side plank

Workouts for 6-22-2015

warm up: 10 squats, 10 squat thrust, 10 push ups, 50 JJ, 200m run Intervals! 20/10 x 5 static – 10 stations  Push ups Mountain climbers on the rings Ball toe taps Squats  Slamballs Kb swings  Crossover toe touch Kb deadlift  Straight toe touch HKJ  Finish: 1,000m jog  ***special thanks and congrats to the badasses […]

Workouts for 2-27-2015

Warm up: 20 burpees Mobility: 0:30 each squat stretch, Thai stretch each leg Strength: back squat 5×3 Tabata 20/10×4 static x twice over Ski Kettlebell swing Mountain climbers Bicycles Pulse lunge Curl and press HKJ Toe touch crunches

Workout for 11-24-2014

Interval for monday: Warmup: 20 seconds of shoulder circles, squats, mtn climbers twice Tabata 8 times each movement Push-ups / bicycles Db bent flies / high knee jog Skull crushers / toe touch crunch Cross body mtn climbers / kb high pull Warrior strength: bench press 5,3,2,1 Tabata Med ball chest pass against the wall […]

Workout 9-3-14

Warm-up: run HT 2 blocks Tabata 8×8 Side raises Mtn climbers Front raises Bicycles Piston press HKJ Wall balls Flutter kicks

Boot camp and warrior workout for 5-12-14

Same workout both classes. Either workout can be done at 6am, 7am, 9am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm. Warm up: 20 push ups, 20 squat thrusts, 500 yard run TABATA!!! 20/10 – 8×8 Push ups & Kettlebell swings HKJ & bicycles Box dips & mountain climbers Single arm Kettlebell rows & V-crunches Finish: 50 DB chest […]

Boot Camp and Warrior Workout for 9-30-13

Warm up: movement and stretching. 50 Jumping Jacks, Run 500 yards TABATA! 20/10 – 8×8 Push ups Kettlebell one arm rows sit ups 90 degree Half burpees Kettlebell high pulls (one arm) Box step jumps Chest Press HKJR ***Everyone get ready for next month’s “Halloween Horror Challenge Series”!!! Starting on Wednesday we will have either […]

Boot Camp Workout for 8-2-2013

Warm up: 20 squats, 500 yard run TABATA 1: (8 rounds of each) Step back jump lunge Kettlebell Swings Mountain Climbers 2:00 break TABATA 2: (8 rounds each) Box jumps Squats Tow Touch Crunches Finish: 20 Deadlifts