Workout for 9-30-2016

It’s one rep max day!!! Eat your wheaties and lets do this!!! Warm up: run 500 Mobility: squat warm up Strength: Squat one rep max! 10 on bar – 5 @ 50% – 3@75% – 2@85% – 1@95% – 1@105% 7 rounds: 7 burpees  7 box jumps  7 kettlebell swing  Optional extra finish: 50 calorie […]

Workout for 9-23-2016

Warm up: 20 jump squats, run 500 Mobility:  Strength: more squats! Only one more week after this!  10 on bar 5 at 50% 3 at 70% 2 at 80% 6 sets x 2 reps at 85% 15:00 AMRAP  Choice A 5 box jumps  5 skull crushers  5 kettlebell deadlift  5 v crunches and knee tucks  […]

Workout for 9-21-2016

Warm up: row 2:00, jump rope 2:00, run 200 10 rounds: 4 BB clean  8 Double kettlebell push press 16 ABMAT sit-up  Finish: row 500m 

Workout for 9-19-2016

Warm up: 10 burpees, 100m ski, 20 broad jumps, 300m run Mobility: Strength: squats of course!  10 reps bar 5 reps at 50% 5 reps at 65% 5×5 BOX at 75% 20/10x5x6  Push ups Mountain climbers DB chest press DB bent rows KB swing 


All of September we will be working on our squats! You will be squatting every Monday and Friday. This Friday we will all go for a baseline one rep max and we will be using that number to base the rest of the month off of so please make sure you get in here in […]

Workout for 8-12-2016

Warm up: 10 squats, 10 jump squats, 10 step back lunges, 10/10 side lunges  Mobility: Ido Portal squat warm up 9 rounds:  6 back squats 6 chin ups 6/6 single leg Bulgarian split squats  12 hammer curls 6/6 crossover curls  Finish: 100 KB swing and 500m ski

Workout for 7-22-2016

Warm up: a short run Mobility: some stretching 5 rounds:  Squats Curls Push ups  Leg raises Finish: a few easy pulls on the ski-erg

Are you a Negative Nancy? Lets spread kettlebell sport positively!

I am writing this because I have been bothered by some of the comments floating around regarding a couple of videos on Instagram from Sara Sigmundsdottir and then several others followed her workout and posted videos of it including athlete Becca Day. The workout was  a double kettlebell complex of snatches, cleans, swings, double press and […]

Workout for 7-8-2016

Warm up: 3:00 bike, jump rope Mobility: Ido portal shut warm up and 5/5 tap and twist  6 rounds:  5 back squat 10 DB curls 5/5 DB box step 10 ring rows 10 rounds: HKJR  Pulse lunge  Pulse lunge  Shadow Mobility: floor stretches

Workout for 6-24-2016

Warm up: 20 burpees Mobility: 10 pass through standing, 10 pass through squat, half dragonfly 0:30 both sides, 5/5 tap and twist, 10/10 calf front to back, 5/5 side lunge  Strength: squats, 5 sets of 2 reps go big! Cardio: 10 rounds 100m ski 50m sprint  10 broad jumps 10 heavy KB deadlift  Finish: 25 […]