Special Ops Endurance Workout for 3-11-12

Long Day/Trail run! We’ll go to Reedy Creek Park, they have a great 3 mile loop that is clearly marked and easily navigated for those of you making your first foray into the rugged world of trail running (Trail-lite!) as well as some truly epic single track for those of you looking to get a […]

Special Ops Endurance Workout for 3-8-12

Interval Training Day: Yes, we’ll be back on THE HILL, interval repeats with weights…it’s going to be a blast! We’ll start things off with a 20 min run as well for those of you looking to continue increasing your mileage! Plan on getting started at 6:00am SHARP…and let’s hope for no thunder and lightening this […]

Special Ops Endurance Workout for 3-6-12

I apologize for not getting this up on the blog, it has been insane here at the gym! Also insane: our upcoming week of training… We are going to have our first obstacle-course specific workout as well as our first trail-run! Also, many of you have asked about some post-run nutrition as well as questions […]

Special Ops Endurance Workout for 03-04-12

Sunday, 8am Long Run Just like last week, we will have the long effort for the week be the sum of the distance (or time, if you’re like me and don’t track distance as closely) of your longest mid-week run plus half itself (i.e. 6 mile run, plus 3 miles is a 9 mile long […]

Special Ops Endurance Workout for 03-02-12

Friday, 6:am Hill Intervals Get ready to work in this, the highest continual intensity workout of our week. Hills are a great way to tap into your natural speed, to work on form, and to quickly build strength. They are also brutal. Learn to love em! We’ll get started right at 6am so we can […]

Endurance Workout for 02-28-12

lit Workout day-recovery run and Sprint Intervals Many of you may still be tired, sore and a little beat up from increasing you load over Friday and Sunday, so we will have two options for Tuesday’s class: 1) recovery run (relaxed pace, shorter duration) + runner specific core strengthening afterwards (easier, but still a challenge!) […]

“Special Ops Team” – Races for 2011

We will be updating our race schedule for this year on a continuous basis but here is a list of races and competitions that we are interested in. See Doug or Lindsay if you would like to be on our “Special Ops Team” and want to train for any of these events. We will be […]