REDLINE Workout for 3/8/2012

Warm-up: 20/10, x5: high knee jog, lunges 45/15, x2: weighted squat thrust good mornings cross body mountain climbers fast feet bicycles jump squats mountain climbers battle ropes slam balls weighted knee raises elbow to elbow jumps Finish: 20/10, x6: high knee jump rope

REDLINE Workout for 3/6/2012

Warm-up: 20/20, x5: mountain climbers, squats 50/10, x4 knee tuck jumps jumping lunges pendulum jumps high knee jump rope frog squats nasties (2 rounds each side)

REDLINE Workout for 03-01-12

Warm-up: jump rope, 3:00 1:00, no “rest” Burpee minute! Complete 1 Burpee in 1 minute, the time left in that minute is your rest. On next minute, complete 2 burpees. So on until you can’t complete the number of burpees in that minute. Finish: No run group: 2 sets leg cranks at 12 reps. Run […]

Redline HIIT 2/28/2012

Warm-Up: 20/10, x4: High Knee Jog, Frog Squats Fight Gone Bad Style (Res is built in), 1 min each, 3 rounds: Jump Squats 1/2 Burpees Hitler Knee Tuck Crunches Jumping Lunges Toe Touch Crunches Burnout: 20/20/20, x8, no rest: Slam Balls Bicycles Nasties