Deep Stretch for 12-23-2012

Deep Stretch with Byran is still on for tonight! Come join us for one last relaxing session before Christmas! We will be having a special Christmas playlist!

Deep Stretch 12-9-2012

Remember to come to Deep Stretch tonight at 6! If you haven’t come yet, it’s quite possibly our best class that we offer! So come on in, and your weekend with a perfect stretching session led by Byran!

Deep Stretch, 12-2-2012

‘Tis the season of stressful holiday shopping! End your crazy weekends with Deep Stretch tonight at 6pm! It’s the perfect way to end your week and get ready for the upcoming work week!

Deep Stretch

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for Deep Stretch! If you haven’t been yet, it’s possibly our best class! Not only do you get stretched out, but you get relaxed and ready to start the week, AND Byran gives awesome assists! One of the best selling points to this class is this: the effect […]

Vote for us for Best Boot Camp!

If you are reading this then you are a card-carrying member of the PRIDE army and you are dedicate to your health, your fitness and personal success and to PRIDE and we would love it if you can show that love and dedication by voting us in for “best health club”, “best yoga spot” and […]

Power Yoga is ON!

We have a sub for Thursday night and Saturday morning so get in here and get your Yoga workout on!

No Power Yoga this Saturday 04/07/11

Just a reminder, there will not be any Power Yoga class this Saturday morning. There will still be class tonight at 7:15PM; the lovely Christina Landry will be filling in for Dru. Thanks everyone!