Monday Motivation 9 – Don’t let injuries become excuses…

We have trained almost 1,000 clients here at Pride, and over the course of training all those people in the past 7 years we have seen a few injuries, luckily our injury rate here is super low. With the number of people we have trained it is inevitable someone is going to get injured, either inside the […]

Monday Motivation 8: Setting Goals Through Competition…

  We all know that setting goals helps to keep you focused, but I would like to talk about a special type of goal today, and that is signing up for a competition or a race. For a lot of people, the thought of competing against others, especially when it is in a sport they […]

Stop trying to skip the struggle!

  Stop trying to skip the fucking struggle. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s a one day, sometimes it’s an entire week, sometimes just getting to the gym is a struggle, sometimes finishing the workout is a struggle, sometimes it’s just one simple exercise everyone else seems to be good at but keeps beating us […]

Follow your dreams…

“Sports are an art form” – Melissa Swanson The funny thing is I wanted to be an artist growing up, but I thought all you could do was be a painter or sculpture, my high school art teacher always encouraged me and my art but she never told me about graphic design or architectural design, […]

Doug’s Training Blog

I haven’t posted a lifting blog in a almost a month is I though I would post up what I’ve been doing since the Kettlebell competition in Atlanta back in August so here is what I’ve been doing. After the comp I took almost a full week off from lifting really heavy, but I couldn’t […]

Yesterday’s workouts renamed to “Tower One” and “Tower Two”

While writing the workouts you all did yesterday we tried to come up with a good name for them to memorialize and pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center bombing 12 years ago, but we couldn’t seem to come up with something that would fit. While talking about the […]

Holiday Party

Tonight is our Holiday Party at Loco Lime! Starts at 6pm and is just $5.00 per person!!! Come hang out, eat good food, and maybe win a cool prize!

Deep Stretch 12-9-2012

Remember to come to Deep Stretch tonight at 6! If you haven’t come yet, it’s quite possibly our best class that we offer! So come on in, and your weekend with a perfect stretching session led by Byran!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope all of our clients are happy today spending some time with the one they love, or, with themselves. Nothing wrong with spending today with yourself, do something that you truly enjoy to make yourself happy, get in a good workout and eat a delicious and healthy dinner, have a salad with some strawberries […]