All hail the best supplement…MAGNESIUM

A couple of years ago my second kettlebell coach had a suspicion that I was magnesium deficient. After reading some articles and studies I agreed and started taking magnesium and to this day it is the number one supplement I recommend for everyone! Here is a great little article from Touchstone Essentials, the company I use […]

Food Friday – Tracking and Comparing Macros

It almost seems to be my most consistent posts are the “Food Friday” posts! Somehow I always seem to have time Thursday or Friday and instead of writing “Monday Motivation” articles, I end up writing a Food Friday article. But anyway, today is about tracking macros and comparing to my template. Now not all of […]

Food Friday – Supplements

One of our clients, Mike, asked me to do a “Food Friday” post about the supplements I take and how they help with energy during workouts and recovery after workouts. Well…thanks Mike…one 35 minute video later! Haha! Seriously I have been wanting to do this video for awhile and Mike just pushed me to do […]

Food Friday – Eating on a Schedule

I really didn’t have a good recipe or idea to write about this week and I was upset I was going to miss a “Food Friday” article, but then in just the past 12 hours I have heard from 3 people who got way off their eating schedule and then I personally had to deal […]

Food Friday – Why you need a protein shake

Usually the “Food Friday” post is about meal prepping and giving you a recipe for something tasty and healthy and easy to prepare and split up into meals for the week…well not this week…this week we need to address why you are not pounding protein shakes like a bro-dude-gym-rat?! “I don’t need protein shake”…yeah bullshit! […]

Pre-workout fuel! Gobble it up and lift more!

We have had a recent string of near death experiences in the gym…ok nowhere near death, but we have witnessed a lot of people lately coming in for the workout and seriously dragging ass or not being able to finish the workout. We need to address this issue. NOW. This needs to stop. Please understand […]

Results have stopped?!

A couple of days ago one of my clients emailed me to ask what she can do to continue seeing results as she has seen her arms and legs look better but her mid-section is not seeing the same results. She specifically asked about working out more, changing her diet and how alcohol plays a […]

Intermittent Fasting 101 & the Team Seamans Smoothie Recipe

Intermittent Fasting (or IF for short) has gotten a lot of attention lately and Lindsay and I are constantly being asked what the Team Seamans diet looks like, so I decided to write this little article. At first I did not believe in the entire thing, IF, not eating for 12 to 16 hours, that’s […]

The Downward Spiral

Written by Doug Seamans I have a lot of clients, some work their asses off and do it day after day, a lot come in a few days a week and put in good work, but I have a few who miss lots of days, they miss lots of workouts, due to “illness”. Now, if […]

Darn Tasty Gluten Free Dairy Free Chicken Pot Pie

This has got to be one of my best gluten and dairy free conversions ever! And, if you want to make it paleo you can, just use frozen broccoli and cauliflower instead of the classic peas, carrots and green beans (I suppose to be true paleo you can’t have any grains but whatever). We like […]