How to Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2012

Written by Lindsay Seamans Edited by Douglas Seamans   It’s a new year, so let’s make it the most successful year for your fitness you’ve ever had! There are several factors that will help determine your success in any of our programs, and while we come up with the workouts, diet information, and help push […]

How Dedicated Are You?

This may sound like we are beating a dead horse, but we cannot stress enough how important dedication is to your success here at PRIDE. I’m not just talking about showing up here three to five or even six days a week, I am also talking about your diet, working on your mobility or your […]


by Lindsay Seamans Hello everyone! Doug and I are trying to post more articles on our blog to help serve as an inspiration for everyone. This one, about shortcuts, might get a little rambly and drone on, but I do have some points here and there, so bear with me! Today’s article was inspired by […]

NO EXCUSES! – Lindsay Seamans

NO EXCUSES! Lindsay Seamans People who work in the fitness industry know that one thing is always going to be found in abundance: excuses. We hear so many excuses, some valid, and some not so much. If you are genuinely injured, than that’s a valid excuse. But more excuses are made to cover up the […]

Training in 4D

I’m writing this while sitting on the plane on our way to California. On a side note I love technology and how I can write a Blog post on my phone while I have the idea fresh in my head. And right now I’m thinking about talking more and more frequently about a theory or […]

May Diet Challenge Winners!

Everyone who participated in the May Diet Challenge did great! Here are the top people, winners of gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods and also the random winner of a gift card to Sun-n-Sport to get a new bathing suit to show off their new body! Bathing Suit Winner: Kelly Spears! 6AM Winner: Jon Sayer […]

We were all newbies once…even me!

Believe it or not, I did not always look the way I do now! Some of you may have seen an old picture of me on the site or on Facebook so you know, and some of you actually knew me back in the day. But some of you are new to our programs and […]

Step it up!

So, Lindsay and I, for a couple of reasons, are going into another phase of “I’m not working hard enough”. I work pretty hard, so does Lindsay, but when you get done with your workout and you think “Maybe I could have pushed a little harder”, it’s time to start really pushing it. At the […]


Everyone has a dream, or two or three or lots of dreams. Some are big and some are crazy and some seem totally impossible. Some people dream of sailing around the world or going to the moon or getting a better job or getting a degree or just losing a few pounds. Some dreams may […]