Spicy Halal style chicken beef and rice

Spicy Halal Style Chicken Beef and Rice For this week’s “Food Friday” post, we have a spicy chicken beef and rice! Every Friday, I have lunch with Lindsay to spend a few minutes together outside the gym, and one of our favorite lunch meals is Halal from a street cart. This particular Halal cart is […]

Meal Prep – Breakfast Wrap

Check out this super easy breakfast wrap! Ingredients: Mission Garden Spinach Wrap 1 egg 1/2 cup egg white hashbrown green chillies spices – salt – pepper A couple of tricks to make these; one, keep your pan on low heat so your eggs don’t cook too fast and get hard, two, put a lid over […]

Food Friday – Meal Prep – 17 meals from two roasted chickens

This week’s “Food Friday” we are going to show you how to get 17 meals out of two whole roasted chickens! Step one season two whole roasted chickens bake at 375 for two hours in cast iron pan Step two while meat is roasting make your rice and vegetable and any other parts of your […]