Kettlebell workout for 7-29-2014

Warm up: 5:00 jump rope Kettlebell warm up: 10/10 light weight swings, cleans, jerks LC 1:00/1:00/1:00 break x 6 rounds (10rpm) Finish: 2 sets leg cranks

Kettlebell workout for 7-24-2014

Warm up: no rain you run daycare, rain you jump rope 3:00 Everyone on doubles 0:30 each, 1:00 break, 4 sets Swings Cleans Jerks Half snatches Overhead hold Rack hold Finish with 50 push ups and 100 mountain climbers

Kettlebell workout for 7-22-2014

Warmup 30 jump squats Kettlebell warmup: 10/10 swings and jerks and snatches each arm light weight Kettlebell workout: 2:00/2:00/2:00rest x 2 sets Jerks Snatches Burnout: 25 BB quarter jumps

Kettlebell workout for 7-8-2014

Warm up: 3:00 jump rope Kettlebell warm up: 10/10 swings, cleans, jerks, snatches 2:00/2:00/2:00 one time through Cleans Jerks Clean and jerk One swing one snatch Finish: run 1,000 yards

Kettlebell workout for 6-26-2014

Warm up: 500 yards The “Gym Jones” “Tailpipe Workout”! This is not the exact gym jones tailpipe workout but it is close, I am just adding one thing. You will be on a team with 3 people, this is a team relay, the faster your team rows the quicker you will be done. For 4 […]

Kettlebell workout for 6-24-2014

Warm up: 25 jump squats KB WU: 20/20 swings light weight 1:00/1:00/1:00 each x 4 rounds Jerks Snatches Finish: max reps of light weight deadlifts (guys 135, ladies 95 or 75)