You Versus You

Forget everyone else at the gym. Forget that dude on Insta claiming natty when we all know he’s shooting up. Forget your bros. Forget the idiots on Youtube. It’s you…versus…you. The lifting world is a strange place right now, from kettlebell to Olympic weightlifting to powerlifting. From social media to youtube to “semi professional brand […]

Confidence Without a PR

Lindsay and I have been lifting and training and competing for years and while we have years of experience with the mental game, we are just beginning to really get into this with some of our lifters, but I thought I would take a few minutes and really put some thoughts up on the blog […]

5 Benefits of Training with Kettlebells…

We all know that I love kettlebells, and yes I am that dude in the gym that is doing endless rounds of clean and jerks and snatches. I can go on all day talking about how great kettlebells are, and I do love barbell work and conditioning work, but kettlebells are my jam! So here […]

What Does the Russian Doping Scandal Mean for Kettlebell Sport…

Wow, social media has been alive with articles and videos being shared, and filled with comments and conversations about the recent Russian doping scandal. The kettlebell sport community was shown a video from youtube with IUKL president Igor Solodov and coach Anton Anasenko regarding positive test results for Ivan Markov and Vladimir Kobzar. Here is […]

The state of fitness 2019…

After ten years in the fitness business as a gym owner and a coach, I think I finally have the experience and the background to voice my opinion on the fitness industry as a whole. I have been mulling over this for a few weeks now. If any of this article stings or feels like […]

Competing at the Canadian CKA Nationals in Edmonton

Back at Pride after returning home from Edmonton, Canada, and it is time to think about and write about the lessons learned in competing up in Canada. Before I get into my set and my performance, I’d like to talk about the CKA and the people who run it and the other competitors. I had […]

Planning and coaching

25 competitions 5 countries 3 continents   And I am about to make add one more competition and one more country as I head off to compete in Canada this weekend! Two years ago I made a plan with my coach, the goal was to get to the pro class, it was just a general […]

Reaping the rewards from kettlebell sport…

I wanted to write this epic, thought provoking, emotional article about kettlebell sport that would attract people to the sport, and I am not sure if this article will achieve my desired effect, but I am going to try. Kettlebell sport fits me and it fits my personality, if you know me personally then you […]

It’s time…kettlebell sport needs tested and untested classes…

I have been thinking about this for a couple years now…I think it is time to separate kettlebell sport into “tested” and “untested” classes (the same way powerlifting split in the 80’s. The sport has grown enough and there are plenty of competitors for the split to happen. Drug testing in kettlebell sport is a […]

South Korea was amazing!

First and foremost, huge thanks to everyone who donated a couple dollars and ordered shirts to help me out on this trip, seriously without all of you this trip would not have happened. Big thanks to Lindsay and Vann and Sara and everyone else who helped out at the gym! Knowing the gym was running […]