Food Friday: Cold chicken slaw salad

During the summer we like to eat cold meals. For this week’s Food Friday Recipe, here is a great chicken salad recipe that will satisfy your cold food craving after a hot workout and has a great macro profile! Cut up all your chicken and bake at 375 for 25 to 30 minutes until done. […]

Spicy Halal style chicken beef and rice

For this week’s “Food Friday” post, we have a spicy chicken beef and rice! Every Friday, I have lunch with Lindsay to spend a few minutes together outside the gym, and one of our favorite lunch meals is Halal from a street cart. This particular Halal cart is run by a family that part is […]

All hail the best supplement…MAGNESIUM

A couple of years ago my second kettlebell coach had a suspicion that I was magnesium deficient. After reading some articles and studies I agreed and started taking magnesium and to this day it is the number one supplement I recommend for everyone! Here is a great little article from Touchstone Essentials, the company I use […]

Food Friday – Meal Prep – 17 meals from two roasted chickens

This week’s “Food Friday” we are going to show you how to get 17 meals out of two whole roasted chickens! Step one season two whole roasted chickens bake at 375 for two hours in cast iron pan Step two while meat is roasting make your rice and vegetable and any other parts of your […]

Food Friday – Tracking and Comparing Macros

It almost seems to be my most consistent posts are the “Food Friday” posts! Somehow I always seem to have time Thursday or Friday and instead of writing “Monday Motivation” articles, I end up writing a Food Friday article. But anyway, today is about tracking macros and comparing to my template. Now not all of […]